Anavar 10mg


Anavar 10mg is one of the most popular anabolic steroids of all time. It is also one of the few anabolic steroids that can be taken by both men and women without having to worry about the side effects.

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Anavar 10mg

Anavar 10mg with the active ingredient is Oxandrolone and was initially developed for use in medicine. It was used in regenerative therapy for the treatment of burns and injuries. Thanks to its low toxicity and safety, it later found its use in sports. Its positive effect and harmlessness for the body made Oxandrolone very popular among various kinds of athletes.

Advantages And Unique Characteristics Of Anavar 50mg

Thanks to the active ingredient, buy Anavar is recognized as one of the safest steroids. The drug does not cause progestogenic and estrogenic activity. It has an almost immediate effect. To get the most out of it, the athlete should already have muscles and a minimal fat layer.

Oxandrolone Usage

Start the course with a minimum dosage of 10-20mg and gradually increase it to 40mg per day. The maximum allowable daily amount is 80mg, but it must be divided into three parts. The course duration is 5-6 weeks. It is not necessary but desirable to minimize the negative effect.

Women can use the steroid. However, the dosage will be much smaller. It is recommended to take no more than 10mg per day.

Side effects of Oxandrolone

Anavar is a safe anabolic drug. However, side effects may occur if the dosage and duration of administration are not correct. These include:
• Nausea;
-A drop in libido levels.

Before a steroid course, you need to consult a sports doctor to exclude the harmful effects of the drug due to your general condition or hypersensitivity to the components. You should also monitor your condition closely during the course.

Combinations with other preparations

Because of low toxicity, Anavar 50mg can be used in combination with various steroids. A good effect in muscle building can be achieved in combination with Winstrol or Trenbolone.


Anavar contributes to burning the fat layer and helps to create beautiful definitions while being safe for the body. For that reason, the steroid can be used by women. In our online store, you can buy steroids and other pharmaceutical products in the UK. But if you are from the USA we offer you to buy Anavar online from our trusted USA provider. If necessary, our consultants will recommend the right product and instruct you on the doses and duration of drug intake. They can even advise you on the best diet and training program to choose.


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